Tuscola Township Cemetery

Cemetery Policy

Tuscola Township offers grave sites to both Township residents and non-residents. When a grave site is purchased from the Township the buyer is issued a deed for the grave site by the Township Clerk. This deed transfers ownership from Tuscola Township to the purchaser.

All monies for grave sites, opening and closing of graves, laying monument foundations, etc. is payable to the Township through the Township Clerk.

Item Cost
Purchase Grave Site - Resident (Adult or Child) $300.00
Purchase Grave Site - Non-Resident (Adult or Child) $500.00
Adult and Child Grave Site (Opening/Closing) - Resident $500.00
Adult and Child Grave Site (Opening/Closing) - Non-Resident $1000.00
Cremation Burial - Resident $165.00
Cremation Burial - Non-Resident $330.00
Monument Foundations - Resident - Per square inch 50ยข
Monument Foundations - Non-Resident - per square inch $1.00

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